team-patriceAs a former history teacher, Patrice strived to give her students a lasting and memorable learning experience. Through the technique of thematic teaching she created a unique, personalized and interactive experience. These experiences often included “learning celebrations” (rather than exams) cultural food exchanges and period dances. She carried this creative use of themes over into her personal and volunteer life, producing memorable events for her children, friends and family and community projects. Through The Green Chandelier Event Company Patrice creates these same thoughtful and meaningful experiences as a professional event planner.

Patrice began making baby food for her children because she was concerned about the number of preservatives used in commercial food. Her concerns were heightened when her youngest child fought a continuous battle with a common skin ailment coupled with breathing difficulties. The cause was determined to be environmental and common food allergies. This was when Patrice became keenly aware of our world’s need for convenience, and the use of unnecessary chemicals and preservatives versus our health and ultimate sustainability of our planet. Raising a healthy and earth wise family became her top priority. Why not conduct her business that way? The Green Chandelier Event Company is an eco-friendly event planning company committed to the sustainability of our planet and improving the quality of life.


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